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Grace Christian Preschool: The Beginning Of Knowledge

Summer is here and this year has gone past us fast. Our graduating students are ready to move forward into the world of Kindergarten. We will miss them and send them off with our prayers and best hopes for a wonderful future. They have all worked so hard this year learning everything from letters and letter sounds, numbers, plus very important classroom skills like self control! We think that is one of the hardest skills for anyone to master but our preschoolers have done very well. We are very proud of each student, congratulations!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with all parents and students this year at Grace Christian Preschool! Each year always seems to move so quickly that we wish we had a little bit more time with all of you. But I am comforted knowing that we have prepared each student spiritually, academically and socially for the challenges that lie ahead. Here, at Grace Christian Preschool, we truly believe that the foundation of any child’s journey toward academic success should be an awareness of God and an appreciation for who He is.

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