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Reaping The Benefits Of Grace Christian Preschool

The joy received from watching a child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it. As a parent, you have conscientiously made the decision to send your child to a Christian school because you understand the value and benefits of a Christian education.

Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized at Grace Christian Preschool. The overt effects of violence and immorality so common in today’s public schools clearly demonstrate the need for a Christian education. The Christian ethics and morals expounded in your home and church are reinforced in the Grace Christian Preschool classroom. Nurturing a child with Biblical truth is an excellent way to equip him for maturity. The Christian values taught at home and reinforced in our Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles. You should praise the Lord for the wisdom and direction He has given you, and thank Him for the blessings of a Christian school.

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